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E3664 State Highway 56, Genoa, WI 54632
Phone: 608.689.3030
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Leum Technologies, Inc. (LeumTech) is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) based in Genoa, Wisconsin that specializes in designing and building cloud-based apps and websites for the wholesale, retail, and medical industries.

LinkEdgeLinkEdge Retail Network

We design, build, sell, and support LinkEdge, a cloud-based system designed for wholesalers and retailers to connect, buy, and sell their products. If you would like to learn more, click one of these topics:
  • Vendors - Make it Easier to do Business with your Dealers
  • Retailers - Point-Of-Sale and Inventory Management
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Do you own a restaurant and are looking for a better way to run your business?  We've built a simple, easy-to-use, low cost, cloud-based system for managing tables, servers, transactions, and gratuity.
  • Tables and Seats
  • Servers, Permissions, and Gratuity
  • Split and Merge Transactions
  • Bar and Kitchen Ticket Printing
  • Menu Builder
  • Touchscreen and Mobile Device Integration (iPad, iPhone, Android, Surface)